UNIWORLD PAGEANTS provides a glamorous national and international platform of presenting beautiful empowered ladies who serve in impacting positively through their feminine superpower.

Women from all race groups are welcome to apply.  Uniworld Pageants differs from the norms of most pageants in aspects of requirements. There is no height restriction, shape or skin tone requirement. A positive attitude with a vision of spreading goodness and purpose is key in the mission of empowerment.

 Anusha Bisaal, the Founder of UNIWORLD PAGEANTS believes we aspire to inspire. Her vision in harmonizing women nationally and internationally, respecting their form of strengths, can contribute to global women empowerment. There is a strong S.H.E Force within each one .

UNIWORLD PAGEANTS:  Serves, Helps & Empowers through pageantry.  

The UniWorld Pageants offer 2 categories namely The Miss UniWorld and Mrs. UniWorld.